About Impact

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It brings us tremendous joy to see our clients transform during their journey to their new and healthy lifestyle. Our clients not only change physically but emotionally, spiritually and socially. It is our goal to educate our clients and make a positive Impact so they continue to thrive in every aspect of their new healthy life.

To IMPACT all aspects of your life with healthy lifestyle strategies; including real food, clean & effective supplements, exercise and positive affirmations… offering a healthy maintenance action plan and alternative therapies to aid in your journey to wellness.   Our staff is dedicated to coaching and educating you to love your healthy food, maintain a healthy weight and thrive in your new healthy lifestyle.

Our Mission

Team Impact

Coach Camille - S3  Spiritual, Savvy & Strategic - Camille Barreto

Impact Wellness Coach.  Passionate about teaching and counseling.  Dedicated to family, her faith and always striving to better help her clients with the mind, body, spirit connection and challenges of "whole health". S3: Spiritual, Savvy & Strategic

Coach Stef - M3  Muscle, Mindset, Mojo - Stefani Yost

Owner/Director of Impact, Impact Wellness Coach. Passionate about healthy cooking, fitness & optimism.  Dedicated to family, faith and empowering others to be the best healthy version of themselves. M3:  Mindset, Muscle & Mojo

Coach Jordyn - F3  Fitness, Focus & Finesse - Jordyn Johnson

Impact Wellness Coach, Certified Personal Trainer.... Passionate about CrossFit and fitness. Dedicated to her family, her faith and  promoting health through nutrition and clean non-toxic supplementation to support healing the body naturally. F3: Fitness, Focus & Finesse