Our Program

At Impact we are results orientated and Fat loss focused!

  • Initial Conversation with an IMPACT Health & Wellness Coach 

  • Discovery of your Current mindset in relationship to Emotional Eating food triggers and program readiness.  

  • Comprehensive Wellness Assessment & Antioxidant Screening 

  • An individualized weight loss Health Plan Tailored to your BIOLOGY using our Bio-Scan Technology 

  • Steps for A True Metabolic Reset 

  • Find the Root Cause of your Weight Gain and Provide a Plan to Change 

  • Learn to live a “Life with Vitality” 

  • No Pre-Packaged Foods, No Exercise required, no Hunger 

  • Fewer Cravings, Increased Energy, Better mental clarity 


LOAD DAY - Day 0 is designed to get you into fat burning mode. Eat anything you want! Start your formulas and supplements. 

LOSE IT - Days 1- 40/60 of losing weight. No Breakfast, No Fats, Dairy or wheat. Change personal care products to OIL FREE.  Women typically lose 25-35lbs., Men 35-50lbs. in 40 days! NO PREPACKAGED FOODS...  


  • 2 Proteins (meat, eggs or fish) 

  • Unlimited Veggies! 

  • 2 Fruits (apples, oranges, berries, etc...) 

LOCK IN - 21 Days resets your body to “LOCK IN” the weight that you've lost. You will not lose weight on this stage. We are teaching your body that "eating healthy fats burns fat". We will customize your increased specific calorie target. This process eliminates the starvation dieting mentality & revs up your metabolism.  


  • Healthy fats and oils 

  • Breakfast!  

  • Expanded food selection 

  • Nuts & seeds 

LIVE ON “THE IMPACT WAY” - In this stage, depending on your goals...this is where the magic really happens! We will help you design your “Impact Lifestyle”  (Next options moving forward). 

  • Begin the “LOSE IT” stage (if more to lose) 

  • Continue to lose more with our “IMPACT Lifestyle Focused Weeks” 

  • Maintain your new weight with our “IMPACT Lifestyle Training” 

We are all about permanent weight loss; we want to educate and empower you to make CLEAN eating part of your life. This program is truly amazing!  You will burn fat, lose inches, increased energy, sleep better, improved digestion and mental clarity! Accountability is key, we are here to coach and guide you through every step of your Impact journey. 

Your Health is your Wealth!  

If you don't take care of your body, where are you going to live? 

Give our team at Impact a call today and let us show 

 you a path to success!